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Do you organize events? It is time to move to the next level. We have all the features you need in order to boost your event.


  • Add multiple races for each event
  • Individual or Team Tickets
  • Special Page for registering team members
  • Assignment of BIB numbers
  • Pricing Periods
  • Promotional Pricing Periods
  • Waves
  • Any customization you might need
  • Custom Forms


Do you sell merchandise?
Do you know that you may have additional 20% income on your revenue if start selling?
We have the way to increase your revenue.


Do you have participants coming from other countries?
We know you do.
Who is advising them on how to reach the event or their hotel?
We know you do.

Add transportation option during checkout and automate the process by helping them come to your event or their hotel.
Participants may select a bus transfer, private transfer, taxi or rent a car.

Accommodation / Booking

Where do the participants stay?
Do you have special agreements with hotels in order to give choices to the participants?
How much time do you spent over the phone or email in order to guide them?

We have the solution.
You can add accommodation where each participant can select where to stay, number of days and type of room. By adding booking during checkout you will triple your revenue and increase your profit

Special Packages

Do you want to guide your clients to book multiple services? We have you covered. With our package module you can offer during checkout a combination of features with special pricing:
  • Races: Add multiple races with special price for each race
  • Merchandise: Add multiple products and define which are included and which we need to buy as additional.
  • Transportation: Add multiple transportation options
  • Accommodation: Add multiple accommodation options
  • Guests

Vouchers / Promotional Codes

Do you make special prices?
Do you have different groups getting different prices?
You will love the vouchers module
  • Custom codes
  • Discounts for anonymous users, specific user, groups
  • Voucher on whole event, or specific parts (eg only for races)
  • Different types of discount
  • Define number of redemptions
  • Define due date

Offline Registrations

Do you sell from other channels?
Do you sell offline?
All this information is needed in order to control your event.
Use our POS to handle all the sales you have from other channels in order to have full control of your event.

Intuitive Reporting

An event is not only registrations or collecting money. An event is much more.
You need to know all the small details.
All the knowledge can be found in our intuitive reports
  • Event dashboard
  • Registrations. Total or for specific period
  • Revenue, total or for specific period
  • Registrations per race. country etc
  • Compare events based on same month or week before the event.
  • Analyze merchandise, transportation, accommodation etc
  • Other reports
  • Any custom report you may need


You have sold out. Congratulatons!!!
Now, you are ready to start the event.
You have to deliver all those things (bib numbers, merchandise, race packs etc).
With our check-in functionality you are ready to control everything:
  • Control what is delivered to whom
  • Application for scanning
  • Live dashboard with all the information you need (what has been delivered, what is pending to be delivered etc)


Do we have you covered?
We know we do.
But, is in our nature to innovate.
Our platform is getting bigger and bigger.
With all the features that will boost your sales.
  • Custom Event Website
  • Payment Links
  • Partial Payments
  • Custom emails
  • Ordering Module
  • Integration with donation platforms
  • Any feature you may need

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